OHKABE is a genre-blender, like a musical smoothie with infusions of indie pop, hints of hip hop style beats, and chunks of rock n roll amalgamating into a deliciously addictive sonic cocktail.

After his long-time band exploded into flames in glorious fashion, OHKABE embarked on a self-imposed exile, jet-setting around the globe in search of the meaning of life in a post-band world where his music took on a whole new life.

In May 2021, he dropped his self-produced debut EP, marking a monumental milestone in his musical journey. And just when you thought “are you serious dude!?”, OHKABE blew our earholes with “A Sunday State Of Mind” in October 2022.

Riding the waves of sonic bliss, OHKABE released his debut record, Komorebi in March 2024 diving deeper into the endless abyss of musical possibilities.